Want to see what it's really like being a part of the Combined Cadet force? Take your pick and watch to find out more.

Thomas Deacon Academy CCF

How the CCF and the Cadet Expansion Programme has benefited Thomas Deacon Academy with thoughts from the headteacher, contingent commander and cadets.

CCF short promo film 

Perfect for use in assemblies, for parents evenings and as a show-reel on screens in your school to promote your contingents.

Videos 2017

The CCF Army Basic course at Frimley Park is an ideal foundation for instructors, giving you a great introduction to the military aspects of the CCF and an insight into the activities your cadets will take part in. The course is designed for all new CCF instructors whatever your background or ability. Don’t just take it from us, find out how a recent group got on and enjoyed their experience.

CCF Official Video

How to - instructional guides 

A great guide to positioning your beret.

For CCF Army sections, you can learn how to salute with this easy video tutorial.

Watch our top tips for setting up a basha to protect you from the elements and to practice your camouflage skills. Great for cadets and instructors.

Videos 2016

CCF Officers Video

CCF Cadets Film

A CCF can offer a school and its students so many opportunities

Sidonie, Longhill School, talks about confidence, friendship and the transferable skills she's learnt during her time with the CCF.

The CCF builds confidence and offers life changing experiences 

James, The Skinners' School, on the experiences he's had, such as flying, with the CCF.

Learning skills and leadership is key to the CCF

Izzy, Bedford Modern School, says she's learnt how to be a leader and how respect is a key part of the CCF.

CCF is just 'amazing'

Charlie, Onslow St Audrey's Academy, talks about how the CCF has encouraged him to help others and the amazing access he's had to different opportunities.

A good way to have fun 

Rebecca, Writhlington School, thinks that other schools would benefit from a CCF to help build confidence in pupils and offer development of life skills.

A chance to do something brand new 

Laurence, Dean Close School, has learnt self-discipline through the CCF and has built up the confidence to realise he is good at many different skills, not all necessarily academic.