Command task 9: Sculpture shifter

Equipment: Crates, planks and any other assorted leadership kit

Time: 15 minutes

Where: Indoors or outdoors

Aim: Move a modern art sculpture comprised of leadership kit from one “island” to another

Benefits: Planning, attention to detail and team coordination

Instructions: An instructor should assemble a complex structure made up of chairs, cones, balls, drainpipes, flags, crates and planks on a marked square or “island”. Take a picture to help you marking the new structures at the end of the task. The cadets should be split into teams and their task is to dismantle and then recreate the sculpture on another “island” – using the crates and planks to travel between the “islands”. Points can be awarded as a measure of success with deductions for any inaccuracies. 

Make it easier: Give the cadets pens and paper to draw the sculpture

Make it harder: Create a more complex structure to make replication more difficult