Command task 26: What's in the box?

Equipment: A box of about 20 random items and a sheet.

Time: 15 minutes.

Where: Anywhere - inside or out.

Aim: A memory task where the leader and the team will devise a way of remembering the items.

Benefits: It allows the group to work together and all play their part to complete the task successfully.

Instructions: Brief the team leader and give them the written instructions for this task. The team leader then briefs the team, usually reading from the sheet and then taking questions from the team. A time keeper should be appointed. The team are given 3 minutes to look at the 20 items on the ground before it is covered up. They are then left for 5 minutes whilst the staff member reads an extract from a Winnie the Pooh story (this distracts the team). The team then have to say all the items that the viewed. 

Make it easier: Fewer items and longer to view the items.

Make it harder: More items, less time to view, keep the items in the box rather than spread them out as this is more difficult to see clearly.