Command task 24: Croc-infested river

Equipment: Six wooden poles, ropes, a pulley system, helmets and a bucket  of items to be transported across the river (a barrel/kit bags/ boots – any items you have readily available.

Time: 30 minutes.

Where: A grassy field outdoors. 

Aim: To get the full bucket of items and equipment safely across the river without dropping any.  

Benefits: Promotes practical teamwork, logic, planning and communication.

Instructions: Split your cadets into two teams either side of the field. Give them the scenario that they must transport their bucket of materials, one item at a time, from one side of the crocodile infested river to the other. They should build stations at either side of the river and use the ropes to create a system to pull the items across. 

Make it easier: Build the stations in advance or give them less items to transport. 

Make it harder: Appoint team leaders as the only ones who can speak.