Command task 23: Drainpipe drama

Equipment: Pieces of drainpipe and marbles or balls such as ping pong balls or golf balls.

Time: 15 minutes.

Where: A clear space indoors or outdoors. 

Aim: To get the balls from a start point to an end point as quickly as possible without dropping them.

Benefits: Promotes teamwork and communication skills.

Instructions: Whatever the size of your cadet teams, ensure each member has a section of drainpipe. Make it clear where the start and end point of the task is (use sports hall markings or cones, for example). Each team member must carry the balls at least once and if they are dropped the team must start again. 

Make it easier: Give cadets fewer balls to transport across the course.

Make it harder: Separate the start and end points by obstacles to add an extra challenge. You could also race the teams against one another. 

Special thanks to our Army Cadet Force colleagues from the Black Watch Battalion for sharing this command task.