Command task 22: Hurricane assist

Equipment: Activity kit such as MTa learning kit. 

Time: 25 minutes.

Where: Small open space indoors or outdoors.

Aim: To construct an item to assist with a hurricane relief effort scenario, in the allotted time.

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, planning, cooperation and careful use of resources.

Instructions: Set the scene that the cadets have arrived on an island that has been affected by a hurricane. Split them into groups. Using the MTa kit, task each group with constructing a specific item to assist with the relief effort such as a helicopter, stretcher, life raft or a free-standing communications mast. Each group may have a team leader who should present back to the other cadets at the end of the exercise. Instructors should score each team’s efforts and choose a winner. 

Make it easier: Select simpler items to create or increase the time allowed.

Make it harder: Get the cadets to come up with their own item to create.