Command task 21: Lost in space

Equipment: Rope (75ft), blindfolds for whole team, four to six small, heavy items and four cones.

Time: 30-45 minutes.

Where: Indoors or outdoors.

Aim: To collect all the items within the coned off area, while only moving as a group inside the circle of rope.

Benefits: Develops planning and organisational skills, communication, flexibility, leadership and teamwork.

Instructions: Set the scene that the cadets’ space craft has crashed on a faraway planet. To protect their eyes, blindfold all team members. A safe zone has been established inside the rope circle. The cadets must pick up the rope, keeping it taut, and collect the items (the craft’s fuel cells). A facilitator will call out boundary as the team reaches the edge of the coned off area.

Make it easier: Reduce the number of items to locate.

Make it harder: Don’t allow talking; allocate just one cadet to pick up items.