Command task 20: Danger circle

Equipment: Three long ropes, two cones, a mat and a small weighted ball.

Time: 10 minutes.

Where: Indoors or outdoors.

Aim: To lift both cones, one with a ball balanced on top, out of an encircled ‘danger area’ onto the mat without touching the ground.

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, planning, communication skills, logic.

Instructions: Place both cones within a circle of rope. The other two ropes must be tightly twisted and, with a cadet at each end, looped over each cone. Tension needs to be applied to lift each cone out of the circle and placed on the mat. The cone with the ball on top will require cadets to work closer together.

Make it easier: Shorten the length of twisted rope.

Make it harder: Enlarge the ‘danger circle’ so the cadets need longer ropes. You could also try blindfolding both cadets lifting the cone and have just one cadet issuing verbal instructions.