Command task 2: Lego model

Equipment: Two identical sets of Lego or a similar construction toy

Time: Depends on complexity

Where: Indoors, ideally three clearly defined areas screened off from one another or rooms

Aim: To recreate a model

Benefits: Promotes communication and leadership

Instructions: Create a small model from Lego and place in one of the rooms or areas. Select two cadets to enter the room or area and look at the model; they cannot draw anything or make notes. After an allocated amount of time, a couple of minutes depending on complexity, they move to the second room or area and brief two more cadets on what they have seen. These cadets then brief the final group in the third room or area. These cadets will have an identical set of Lego pieces to the model and will recreate what has been described. Ideally the model will be the same or as similar as possible to the original model. 

Make it easier: Allow multiple visits between the rooms or cut down the number of links in the chain.

Make it harder: Create a more complex model or increase the number of cadets in the communication chain.