Command task 19: Bucket challenge

Equipment: Two buckets, three lengths of drainpipe and markers to measure a length of 15ft.

Time: Race against the clock.

Where: Outdoors.

Aim: To fill the empty bucket to the top with water as quickly as possible.

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, leadership, cooperation and communication skills.

Instructions: Cadets must work silently to fill a bucket at the end of a 15ft stretch, using only three lengths of drainpipe. One cadet is identified as the leader and only they are allowed to give instructions. A second cadet should be responsible for tipping the water at the beginning of the course. This works best in small groups of around eight.

Make it easier: Reduce the distance the cadets have to transport the water.

Make it harder: Create holes in the drainpipes to make this a more di­fficult, and inevitably wetter, challenge.