Command task 18: Nuclear reactor

Equipment: One long plank, one short plank, one ammunition tin, one short rope and one stake or small box (nuclear reactor)

Time: 10 minutes

Where: Indoors or outdoors

Aim: To retrieve the ‘nuclear reactor’ from a ‘no-go’ area without any cadet touching the ground

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, planning, communication skills, balance and logic

Instructions: Cadets must work out how to safely retrieve the ‘reactor’ by using a long plank laid on an ammunition tin, overlaid with a smaller plank at right angles, allowing up to four cadets to stand on it and support the weight of another who crawls out to retrieve the ‘nuclear reactor’ without touching the ground

Make it easier: Reduce the distance that the ‘reactor’ is placed from the plank

Make it harder: Reduce the number of cadets, or make the ‘reactor’ heavier, you could also try blindfolding the cadets who act as a counterweight or prohibit talking