Command task 17: 5-metre flag challenge

Equipment: Three two-metre stakes, three two-metre poles, one pennant and assorted ropes

Time: 10 minutes

Where: Indoors or outdoors

Aim: To construct a suitable ‘mast’ from the materials provided, at least five metres above ground level, and fly a pennant from the top

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, planning, use of ropes and knots as well as logic

Instructions: From the assorted materials supplied, cadets must work out how to create a self-supporting platform that will allow them to fly the pennant five metres above ground level. A knowledge of binding ropes and tying knots is required.

Make it easier: Provide more rope and poles, reduce the height required or increase the time allowed

Make it harder: Reduce the rope available, provide more but shorter poles, reduce the team sizes or the time, run the task during the night replacing the pennant with a torch for an added challenge