Command task 10: Big barrel challenge

Equipment: Planks, crates, large empty barrels and a variety of items for cadets to collect (e.g. ammo tins, cones)

Time: 25 minutes

Where: Large outdoor area such as a sports pitch

Aim: Get the team and equipment to the other side, collecting items as you go

Benefits: Teamwork, planning and problem-solving

Instructions: Teams of cadets should start on one side of the pitch with planks, crates and barrels. The entire team must cross the set width to the ‘safe area’, rolling the barrels across the planks as they go. Once they reach the safe area, they can use the barrels to help collect the items they need. The main challenge is in moving the large and unwieldy barrels. 

Make it easier: Reduce the distance

Make it harder: Increase the team size or the amount of kit to collect