Funding Opportunities

Find out about the latest funding opportunities available for CCFs and individual cadets.

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Find out about the latest funding opportunities available for CCFs, as well as grants and scholarships for cadets.

Grants for individuals

CCFA Small Grants

Each year the Trustees of the Combined Cadet Force Association makes available up to £15,000 to be awarded as grant support to benefit CCF cadets. The grants are awarded on a termly basis by the Small Grant Selection Committee and are made in support of activities which would not ordinarily be funded by an individual cadet's Contingent.

The Committee also takes grant applications throughout the year as the need arises.

For more details of the scheme, please review the 2018 guidance. You can also download an application form here. 

The deadline for applications in 2018-19 are:

Autumn - midday Friday 16 November

Spring - midday Friday 1 March

Summer - midday Friday 7 June

Image 1 Rubene Small

Case Study:

Bavaria skiing experience

One cadet's amazing skiing experience in Bavaria gaining a skiing qualification and pushing herself out of her comfort zone, thanks to a CCFA small grant. 

Local Ski Touring

Case Study:

Clare’s 'Cadet Norski' Adventure

Canada Canoes 2

Case Study:

Cam and Kirsty's Canadian adventure

RAFA Youth Flying Scholarships

Members of the CCF(RAF) are eligible to apply for a Flying Scholarship from the RAF Association. For over 10 years, the scheme has been supporting cadets to achieve their National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL). More detials about the scheme can be found on their website

Lauren Flying Case Study

Case Study:

Lauren flies high with RAFA scholarship

Grants for contingents

Sustainability Funding 

Sustainability funding is available to CCF units in state schools set up as part of the expansion programme. The idea is to support the long-term sustainability of newly opened units and to help give units permanent homes in schools' grounds. This fund has been generously supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation. 

Those applying must hold a current membership with the CCFA. Schools do not yet need to be parading to apply, but must have been approved to open a unit.

The schools are required to match fund the grant by raising at least 20 per cent of the money themselves.

For further information about this fund please contact the CCFA's Cadet Bursary Fund Manager Faye Meakin

Albion Academy 1

Case Study:

Sustainability funding case studies

Read some examples of how sustainability funding is being put to good use...

Ulysses Trust Grants

The Ulysses Trust is a registered charity which provides funding assistance to challenging expeditions and adventurous activities, including those run by CCF Contingents. Their focus is on expeditions which;

  • Help cadets develop leadership, teamwork, confidence, initiative, self-discipline and judgement. 
  • Include voluntary social action or community service at home or abroad.

Visit their website for more details on how to apply.

Giggleswick Case Study

Case Study:

Giggleswick CCF Exercise Northern Jacobite Venturer

Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards

CCFs in state schools in London and Essex can apply to be part of the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards scheme.  The scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding. Participating groups regularly select a young person to receive an Achievement Award. When a winner is selected they are publicly congratulated for their achievement and receive a certificate and badge, membership of the JPF Achievers community, and £250 to be spent on a something of their choice that will benefit your organisation (for example, a piece of equipment, or a specialist trainer to come in to deliver a session.) More information about joining the scheme can be found on the Jack Petchey Foundation website

The Connaught Trust

Funds are available through this charity to promote military efficiency in the Reserve & Cadet Forces for all services in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and adjoining counties, including the CCF.

For more information and how to apply, head to their website