Canada 2

Canadian Exchange 2017

Cadets from the United Kingdom and Canada traded places this summer to participate in the annual Canadian Cadet Exchange.

In early July, 36 ACF and CCF cadets and two adult volunteers travelled to camps across Canada and 60 Canadian cadets and six adults arrived in the UK.

Cadets visited Argonaut, Whitehorse and Rocky Mountain camps for leadership and adventurous training courses. They learned skills in camping expeditions, wilderness first aid, hiking, biking, abseiling, rock climbing, marksmanship and canoeing. The courses also included drill, community and fitness activities.

The cadets were back on British soil 20 August.

Another team also travelled to Connaught for a Leadership and Instructor Marksmanship course. They returned 28 August.

The Canadian cadets’ UK visit included a two-week field and leadership course – Exercise Tiger Leader – at Holcombe Moor near Manchester. They also visited Capel Curig and Halton, where they did sailing, rock climbing and canoeing.

Culture Week included three days in Southampton and Portsmouth, and four days in London. The week included activities such as museum visits, tank displays, the D-day War Room. They also visited a theme park and a West End show.

A four-day tour took the cadets to First and Second World War battlefields, cemeteries and memorials in Belgium and France.

The trip concluded with a visit to Canada House.

The exchange saw unique challenges, new skills, friendships and memories to last a lifetime