Command task 1: Crossing the void

Crossing the void command and leadership task to challenge cadets teamwork, logic and planning.

Equipment: Rope or string, hessian sack and carabiner

Time: 15 minutes

Where: Indoors or outdoors – anywhere you can create a gap

Aim: To get the sack across the gap

Benefits: Promotes teamwork, logic and planning

Instructions: Create your gap, either using just the floor or natural objects in the landscape (if outdoors) like two trees. Split the group in half with them stood on either side of the gap. Select your starting point on one side. The group should work through various rope and pulley type systems to move the sack across the gap. This exercise see’s cadets come together working as a team to come up with a logical plan, putting it into practice to succeed.  

Make it easier: Shorten the gap or provide additional rope. You can even pre-place some rope to offer a helping hand.

Make it harder: Fill the sack with small objects to weigh it down.