Command task 25: Speedy flip twister

Equipment: One large sheet.

Time: 15 minutes.

Where: Anywhere inside or out.

Aim: For the team to work together to allow all members to remain standing on the sheet as it gets turned over and halved each time.

Benefits: A team leader is chosen or volunteered and they lead the team by giving instructions in how to conduct the task. It needs the team to listen and help each other by holding onto each other to stay on the sheet. A good leader will also listen to the team and adapt if they are having difficulties.

Instructions: Brief the team leader and give them the written instructions for this task. The team leader then briefs the team, usually reading from the sheet and then taking questions from the team. A time keeper should be appointed. All stand on the opened sheet. Working together they have 10 minutes to halve the sheet as many times as possible without any member of the team touching the ground. All must stay on the sheet.

At the end the team leader will debrief the team on their team work and the team will give feedback on the team leader's leadership qualities. 

Make it easier: Fewer cadets and move time.

Make it harder: Faster - time restriction and a certain number of turns.